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geted ceili■ng of 6.2708●35 trillion yuan for■ the year. Cen○tral governmen○t tax rebates ●and transfer p■ayments mad●e to local govern◆ments. In 2009, cen○tral government tax ◆rebates and tr◆ansfer payments made○ to local gov〓ernment

  • l gov●ernment to 3.640114● trillion yua〓n. Expenditures of ●the ce
  • ntra〓l government■ were 4.390114 trill■ion

s t○otaled 2.8621◆3 trillion

  • yuan, 100.1% o●f the budg●eted figure an■d an increas◆e of 851.258 ●billion y (the footer has already my link and that's fine.)
  • uan or 2●4.1%. They c◆onsisted of 1.52798○4 trillion yuan ◆of central● government spending●, an increase o○f 14.5%, and○ 2.86213 tri●llion yuan of● tax rebat○es and
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〓 yuan, 99.1% of the ●budgeted figure. Thi○s discre

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  • payments to for the photos used in the header.

l■ocal governments, up◆ 2

pancy wa●s mainly due to le◆ss spending on● disaster relief th◆an estimated ○at the beginnin◆g of the ye◆ar, resultin■g in a decrease in t○ransfer paym○ents. This to●tal consisted of◆ 494.227 bil■lion yuan o●f tax rebates, an○ increase of 48.2%,◆ with the i●ncreases comin〓g mainly fr●om implementation of■ the reform of taxe■s and fees on re〓fined oil p○roducts (accord●ing to reg●ulati

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